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Prevent the Chagas disease and promote health education and agricultural development in Bolivia.

What are the needs?

Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America and also has the greatest number of Chagas cases in the world. Chagas disease is a silent killer among the poor in Bolivia, infecting about 10% of the population, and is transmitted by the vinchuca insect which lives in adobe walls and thatched roofs. Though fatal if left untreated, Chagas disease can be treated if detected early on, so health education is crucial for families.

What can be done to help?

Through the Chagas prevention project, CBM builds strong relationships with communities. This has created opportunities to further partner with families to develop agricultural initiatives that help support families both economically and with nutrition. Some of these agricultural projects include raising goats, chickens, guinea pigs, or papaya. Recently there has been an enthusiastic focus on honey production through beekeeping.

Through the Chagas project, families receive the treatment and protection they need to overcome the disease. Plastering adobe walls and pouring concrete floors in rural homes significantly decreases a family’s risk of infection as their homes are made "vinchuca-proof." With a greater peace of mind through effective health education, participants are eager to help others in their community renovate their homes as well. By increasing the quality of life in rural communities, there is greater opportunity to undertake innovative agricultural practices that help families not only survive but flourish.

How will your raised funds be used?

Your support of the Chagas project provides the materials needed to renovate homes and make them "vinchua-proof," as well as facilitate community health education to help promote better preventative practices. This includes coordinating campaigns with the Bolivian Ministry of Health that encourage testing and provide follow-up treatment for those that test positive.

Your funds will also provide agricultural resources such as animals, plants, and bees, as well as their related materials and accompanying training to allow communities to undertake new agricultural practices.

With your support, the Chagas disease can be prevented and communities in Bolivia can experience renewal through health education and agricultural development.


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